jQuery Gallery with Blur Effect

Buy Crystal Gallery just for $9

Your photography, paintings, and other visual art are beautiful, and deserve to be displayed online in a way that does them justice. The Crystal Gallery jQuery plugin provides a customizable, one-of-a-kind gallery look to fit all your image presentation needs.

A few of the Crystal Gallery's features include

Javascript blur effect

A variety of features not available in standard javascript gallery, including a stunning blur effect for thumbnails and overlay boxes.

Responsive design

Gallery is fully responsive to the user. Aspects of the gallery change to reflect the browser window size for the best impression on any device.

Flickr support

Flickr feed support lets you use your flickr account to manage your gallery images.

Fullscreen layout

Show your work at high resolution with fullscreen toggling capability, complete with slideshows. Let your visitors sit back and enjoy your work.


An extensive list of flexibility and customization tools including thumbnail positioning and many other settings give you exactly the look you want.

24/48 Support

All of this comes with a lifetime of free support and updates.

The Crystal Gallery is available to you at one very low price, making it the perfect choice to bring your online gallery to the next level.