About us

Adamantium Solutions brings you the best premium jQuery plugins, PHP scripts and Wordpres themes. Exclusively on www.codecanyon.net

Why Adamantium solution . . .

Because we make graphics, scripts and programs that are powerful.
The adamantium, from which they originated, stands for their indestructibility.
Adamantium? You do not know what we are talking about? Check out this link.

. . . people . . .

Adamantium has united us in 2011, so we can bring to the world indestructible solutions for coding and graphics.



  • Coder and programmer
  • Loves javascripts, php, css and html
  • Uses his powerful skills to benefit the world


  • Graphic designer
  • A maniac photographer
  • Mighty ruler of Photoshop


. . . that are selling . . .

Theme Forest Code Canyon You can buy our mighty graphic designs and smart web snippets cheap on the biggest online marketplaces www.codecanyon.net and www.themeforest.net.


. . . their skills.

Watch what we can: Javascript | PHP | Themes
Want to try for your self?
Then GO!

Yes, we are strong and our projects are like adamantium. But you don’t have to fear us. Feel free to write us and ask. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Premium jQuery plugins, PHP scripts, Wordpress themes