jQuery URL Animator

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jQuery URL Animator

URL animator is a jQuery plugin that lets you create simple text animations and display them in the browser address bar using so-called hash tag. With this plugin you can easily attract attention of your page visitors in an unique and unprecedented way.


Because the address bar is page element with most attention on it no one will miss your animated message displayed in it. The advantage of this plugin is that its animations looks the same in all major browsers and cannot be blocked in any way.  Not like pop-up windows or flash ads. Therefore, this plugin is meant to be used for simple text ads.

Because it is based on jQuery it’s very easy to setup and adapt to your requirements. This is exactly the solution that best serve to promote your product or service.

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  1. show simple text animations in address bar

  2. many customization settings

  3. 9 unique type of animations

  4. sophisticated text input methods

  5. simple combination of animations

  6. possibility to setup an key event on animation (function or link)

  7. powerful animation query system

  8. APIs for stop, pause or play animation

  9. hide the message on address bar click (not in opera)

  10. possibility to implement own custom animations (java script knowledge needed)

  11. works in all major browsers


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